Emptiness or the anatomy of a sad mailbox

Hi Folks!
September seems to be another month of  the empty mailbox. Can you imagine what it means to have a grumpy mailbox in front of your door, screaming the whole day “I´m hungry!!!” ?!? Mailboxes are a very special species and they appear in very different shapes, size and color. So it can be assumed that there are different families and subfamilies of mailboxes but the internal anatomy of an empty mailbox is always very similar. The following picture shows an example:

Empty mailbox in the north-western part of Germany. Appearance: middle sized, white color, lockable, with a lamp inside and very very hungry.

The diet of typical mailboxes include letters, postcards and such unhealthy food like advertisements and bills.  Because of the modern lifestyle the diet of some mailboxes is predominantly unhealthy and so malnutrition but also cardiovascular diseases and mental disorders are common.

A very effective therapy is writing as many letters and postcards as possible and hence those good mail will reach your mailbox in return and the cycle of unhealthy nutrition can be stopped.
Here you can see some healthy pieces of mail my mailbox got the last days:

A letter from Tianne in Australia

a postcard from the USA

And this is a part of another mailbox´s next meal:

A letter to Yen in Brunei



I can´t believe that it is already September now. It feels like I just throw away the last christmas tree out of our apartment a few weeks ago but now I realize it was 8 months ago and next christmas isn´t far away.
The days becoming shorter and colder and in the supermarkets you can buy christmas sweets by now. It seems they sell it every year a bit earlier. I´m still busy with preparing for me exam and fighting against my not existent motivation. But I managed to write one letter and will send it out tomorrow 🙂

So here are the first pieces of September incoming mail:

A postcrossing card from the USA

A letter from Lindsay in the UK


Outgoing mail:

A first letter to Julieta in Argentina

Last mail of August

Exams are awful! I always feel overextented with preparing and on the one hand I can´t wait that it will be over but on the other hand I wish I would have more time for learning. Because of that I´m currently too busy with that stuff and haven´t got much time for writing letters but I try to answer a few letters the next weeks.

I don´t want to write much here today so just some pictures of my incoming mail:


A letter from Sherab in Bhutan


a letter from Paula in Spain

Postcrossing card from Czech Republic


Postcrossing card from Romania

Postcrossing card from Russia

A few pieces of mail!

Sadly my mailbox is still empty almost everyday. Ok I always find any kind of advertisements or bills in it but really this is not what anybody would call nice mail. Nevertheless I have 5 replies to go so it isn´t the case that I have nothing to write but to be honest who doesn´t love to receive lovely mail?!? Thus I will check my mailbox now and hope I will find a nice piece of mail in it.

My incoming mail of the last days are this two postcrossing cards

First one a tag from England

And the second postcard is an official card from USA

And at least one letter I´ve sent. To Isabel in Brazil.

Mail day

I managed to finsh two letters today and start a third one. First one to Cony in Mexico, another one to Tianne in Australia and last but not least a letter to Vanesa in Canada. I´m still behind with replying letters but I try my best to catch up soon.

I still have to write to Yenz in Brunei, Isabel in Brazil, Juli in Argentina and Pradeepa in India. I´m becoming more busy these days because I will have an exam at my university in October and still have to learn a lot of stuff. The time before exams is typically the moment where I realize that I wanted to read a specific non-fiction book, I should write another letter, the apartment is a bit too messy or I need to wash some clothes 😉

Today I found a very nice postcrossing card from Taiwan in my mailbox. I´m very happy about this card because my mailbox was almost everyday empty last time.


Outgoing mail:

some postcrossing cards


Letter to Cony


And the postcrossing card I received today:


Today I decorated some more envelopes this time with water colours, deco tape and glitter glue.  I have a lot of learning stuff to do and because of that I always find other things which can´t wait to be finished like cleaning the apartment, cooking or making envelopes 😉 Yes my motivation problem until I have a time problem. Everytime the same!

But here are the envelopes:






After more than one week without any mail except to bills and advertisements I got a postcard from the Netherlands today.






Crafty day

Today -like everyday- I was waiting for our mail woman but again there was no mail for me. Since some weeks my mailbox is often empty but nevertheless there is still a pile of letters I have to reply. Sadly I´m currently not in a writing mood so instead of answering letters I surf through the internet looking for nice ideas to create my own envelopes.  I started to do this a few months ago because the white standard envelopes and those included in any letter sets are a bit boring.  To be honest I´m not an artist and my creativity could be better but I think my results are not too bad.



I used pictures and text out of magazines, some coloured paper sheets, deco tape, glitter glue, stickers and a rubber stamp to decorate the white envelopes.


And here are the back sides of some of the envelopes:


Paper and….

…. a pen! To be exactly a new dark red Lamy fountain pen. When I was in school I always had to write with a fountain pen because the teachers wanted it this way. That was a problem for me because I´m left-handed and I have a very uncommon hand position while writing so using a fountain pen isn´t very comfortable for me. After finishing secondary school I never again wrote with such a pen but I ever liked the look of such “old style” letters. And now after many years using ball pens I bought a fountain pen and looking forward to write my next letter with it.

Isn´t it beautiful? They offered this pen in different colours but this red one is my favorite. It came with a blue ink cartridge but I think I will use black ink in the future.

Beside this nice fountain pen I bought a new letter set which is very very cute.

And last but not least the letter I sent to Gosia in Mexico

Hello World!

After reading lots of lovely blogs about penpalling and mail art I decided to start blogging too.  And here is the result! I know it isn´t perfect but it should mainly be a record of the mail I send and receive and some other stuff related to penpalling. You will see here lots of letters and postcards and also stationary and stamps.

I´m into penpalling since I was 10 years old and still love it even though I had some breaks during the years. I love to open my mailbox and see that somebody has taken her/his time to send me some lovely words, maybe written on nice stationary  and shares a part of her/his life with me.