New stamps!

Saturday I found my recent stamp order in my mailbox. I usually use the 0,55 € stamps for my letters and add 0,20 € stamps to fill up the international postage. Why I do this? Because the variation of 0,55 € stamps is much better than for the 0,75 € ones. From time to time […]

Last days of 2012

My last post was quite a long time ago because christmas time kept me busy. I thought this year it would be a more relaxed and slow time but the opposite was the case.  Luckily I managed to have all christmas gifts ready early but then some unexpected things happened like the mold in our […]

Mail update!

Incoming mail: A letter from Kristen (USA) and a letter from Sherab (Bhutan)     Letters from Nikki (Scotland) and Tianne (Australia)     From Shereen (New Zealand)   Letters from Vanesa ( Canada) and Nicole (Switzerland)   A postcard from Mario (El Salvador)   And a christmas card from Tianne (Australia)     Outgoing […]

La Sardina

Last time I read a lot about analog photography, especially about lomo cameras. I was excited about the cool pictures people took with those cameras which look very different to the photos that come out of the standard digital cameras. Of course a nice digital SLR camera is great and it is an advantage to […]

4 things!

Because I think it is a great idea I will join the “4 things” too.       So here are my goals for the week: – write a least one letter – start and finish the next chapter of my course material – get exercise – send the package to my friend  

October mail

Yes, I know my last post was some weeks ago and I really have to go on with posting on this blog. I started working in my new job and still need to get used to stand up early again after some months at home.  It´s hard to leave my comfortable bed early in the […]

Rats and mail

Last weekend I got some new flatmates. My boyfriend went to the animal shelter on Saturday which was around 250 km away and came home with my 4 sweeties. Nelly is an about 5 months old black hooded female. Somebody brought her and her 9 babies to the animal shelter in early September. I think […]

A mail week

Today I realized that I have a new mailwoman or maybe my usual mailwoman is on vacation. I hope that doesn´t mean that I will have problems with my mail again. Until a few months ago I received often damaged letters and postcards. Really annoying! I talked with my mailwoman about that and until now […]

Postcards go green

My mailbox is still a bit grumpy because the period of less mail continues and now the weather changed to lower temperatures and lots of rain so that my poor mailbox becomes wet. So today I decided to send some postcrossing cards and hope  some nice postcards will reach me in return soon. The bad […]