New stamps!

Saturday I found my recent stamp order in my mailbox. I usually use the 0,55 € stamps for my letters and add 0,20 € stamps to fill up the international postage. Why I do this? Because the variation of 0,55 € stamps is much better than for the 0,75 € ones. From time to time I also use 0,45 € ones which are the stamps for postcards inside of Germany.

Since next month (January 2013) the postage for letters up to 20g in Germany will increase and so all new stamps are 0,58 € instead of 0,55 €. That means that I either have to use the 0,75 € and 0,45 € or I have to accept that I will pay 3 cent more for my letters as I have to do. Luckily the old stamps are still available in the online shop but the question is for how long. It looks like I will do another stamp order in January of 0,55 € stamps even though I still have enough of them.

And here is my beautiful order:

 0,25 € stamps


0,55 € stamps



0,45€ stamps


the whole order



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