Last days of 2012

My last post was quite a long time ago because christmas time kept me busy. I thought this year it would be a more relaxed and slow time but the opposite was the case.  Luckily I managed to have all christmas gifts ready early but then some unexpected things happened like the mold in our flat, problems with my car and a too high electricity bill and therefore trouble with our landlord because the whole electricity costs for the heating of the house can be found on our bill.
I would like to move houses but the rental agreement says that we have to live here until 2015.  So 3 further years to go.

Well, at least I managed to bake some cookies together with my parents and my boyfriend, to sent christmas cards and to visit a christmas market.

Here are some pictures of our baking marathon

DSCN1667 DSCN1657 DSCN1653

We finished baking at midnight and produced 6 boxes full of different cookies. This about my diet plans 😛 I think I will set up this as one of my new year goals. You now those goals you will never achieve because everytime there will be a reason why it is possible to do what you´ve planned.

And because I didn´t spend my whole free time with baking (and eating) I want to show you a bit of my mail of the last weeks. I couldn´t manage to take pictures of all pieces because I wrote so many christmas cards, sent packages and so on but here are a few pictures.

A letter I´ve sent to Kristen in the USA


A secret Santa package


And the secret Santa package I´ve received


And last but not least a bunch of incoming letters and a postcard



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