La Sardina

Last time I read a lot about analog photography, especially about lomo cameras. I was excited about the cool pictures people took with those cameras which look very different to the photos that come out of the standard digital cameras. Of course a nice digital SLR camera is great and it is an advantage to see your result directly on the display if you want accurate photos. BUT I still remember the times where I went to the shop to buy films, chose between different ISO and the number of pictures, went to take pictures and bring the film back to the shop before after around one week I had the results in my hands. Of course sometimes I wasn´t very happy with the outcome because some pictures were blurry, underexposed or whatever but nevertheless it was fun.

So maybe my decision to buy a lomo camera was mainly based on a piece of nostalgia but also out of curiosity. Well, I found my way to the lomography internet shop and browsed through the different categories. It was first really hard to decide for a specific camera because I hadn´t got any experiences with lomography but finanlly I decided for a La Sardina camera.  To be exactly the La Sardina Cubic. I just love the design!


Currently I use an ISO 200 film and I already have taken a few pictures. Until now only my dog had to serve as my photo model but I hope this weekend I will have the chance to go outside and take some more pictures.

I hope I can show some of the pictures here soon.



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