October mail

Yes, I know my last post was some weeks ago and I really have to go on with posting on this blog. I started working in my new job and still need to get used to stand up early again after some months at home.  It´s hard to leave my comfortable bed early in the morning to go to work especially because these days are pretty cold and rainy. I don´t like winter so much. Too cold, too wet and too dark.

To brighten up this winter day I will first show you some of my incoming and outgoing mail


A letter to Lucrezia in Italy



A letter to Tianne in Australia



And a letter to Ticka in Indonesia



I received a letter from Ayaka in Japan


A few weeks ago I went to the book fair in Frankfurt. I always wanted to visit a book fair because I just love reading books and of course buying books. It was quite interesting to have a look around there but it was pretty full and in my opinion the book fair is more interesting for book sellers and authors than for simple reading addicted people.

Nevertheless I got some interesting info material and I bought two books.





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