Rats and mail

Last weekend I got some new flatmates. My boyfriend went to the animal shelter on Saturday which was around 250 km away and came home with my 4 sweeties.

Nelly is an about 5 months old black hooded female. Somebody brought her and her 9 babies to the animal shelter in early September. I think she is a bit too young to cope with the babies and so she seems stressed. But we´ll see.

Her babies are agouti berkshire and 8 weeks old (born on 28.8.2012). The 3 are a bit shy but nevertheless really sweet. It was  a difficult to take a picture because they are very fast but yesterday I had luck 🙂

Because of the pelt colour it seems to be possible that the babies are HaWi´s (half wild). Maybe the father was a wild rat but nobody knows.By the way, I need names for the 3. Any ideas?


After some weeks without any good mail I received a couple of nice letters in the last days.

From Nikki in Scotland

From Nicole in Switzerland

From Lindsay in England

From Cony in Mexico

From Sayuri in Japan

Some postcrossing postcards

Last but not least the letter I´ve sent to Jeronimo in Mexico


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