A mail week

Today I realized that I have a new mailwoman or maybe my usual mailwoman is on vacation. I hope that doesn´t mean that I will have problems with my mail again. Until a few months ago I received often damaged letters and postcards. Really annoying! I talked with my mailwoman about that and until now my mail reached me almost everytime safe. We´ll see if that will be the case in the future too.

This week I was a bit more lucky and found some nice letters and postcards in my mailbox.


The postcard on the left side is a tag from Malaysia. From time to time I join tags in the postcrossing.com forum and always receive nice cards 🙂 On the right hand side you can see a postcard from my dear Sayuri. She sent me this card to tell me that she is busy and needs a bit longer to reply my letter.


A lovely letter from Ticka in Indonesia


She wrote me a long letter and included postcards, a bookmark and flags of her country 🙂


A nice letter from Lucrezia in Italy 🙂

And last but not least a letter from Jeronimo in Mexico

He sent me Spanish language booklets, an overview about the Mexican states and some maps with his letter


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