Postcards go green

My mailbox is still a bit grumpy because the period of less mail continues and now the weather changed to lower temperatures and lots of rain so that my poor mailbox becomes wet.
So today I decided to send some postcrossing cards and hope  some nice postcards will reach me in return soon. The bad mood of my mailbox is just annoying.

Here are the postcards I´ve sent to the USA, Russia, Japan and Netherlands. By the way I realized that the green carpet in our living room is a great background for pictures of my mail, don´t you think?

Beside the postcards I answered a few letters and my pile of letters is shrinking. Only 4 letters to go! I hope I can start to reply another one today because I don´t like to let my penpals waiting too long.

I wrote a letter to Ayaka in Japan

and another one to Sherab in Bhutan

Last but not least I received to postcrossing postcards. One from the USA which shows a nice view of the area around the Rocky mountains

and a postcard from Brazil


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