Emptiness or the anatomy of a sad mailbox

Hi Folks!
September seems to be another month of  the empty mailbox. Can you imagine what it means to have a grumpy mailbox in front of your door, screaming the whole day “I´m hungry!!!” ?!? Mailboxes are a very special species and they appear in very different shapes, size and color. So it can be assumed that there are different families and subfamilies of mailboxes but the internal anatomy of an empty mailbox is always very similar. The following picture shows an example:

Empty mailbox in the north-western part of Germany. Appearance: middle sized, white color, lockable, with a lamp inside and very very hungry.

The diet of typical mailboxes include letters, postcards and such unhealthy food like advertisements and bills.  Because of the modern lifestyle the diet of some mailboxes is predominantly unhealthy and so malnutrition but also cardiovascular diseases and mental disorders are common.

A very effective therapy is writing as many letters and postcards as possible and hence those good mail will reach your mailbox in return and the cycle of unhealthy nutrition can be stopped.
Here you can see some healthy pieces of mail my mailbox got the last days:

A letter from Tianne in Australia

a postcard from the USA

And this is a part of another mailbox´s next meal:

A letter to Yen in Brunei


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