A mail week

Today I realized that I have a new mailwoman or maybe my usual mailwoman is on vacation. I hope that doesn´t mean that I will have problems with my mail again. Until a few months ago I received often damaged letters and postcards. Really annoying! I talked with my mailwoman about that and until now […]

Postcards go green

My mailbox is still a bit grumpy because the period of less mail continues and now the weather changed to lower temperatures and lots of rain so that my poor mailbox becomes wet. So today I decided to send some postcrossing cards and hope  some nice postcards will reach me in return soon. The bad […]


I can´t believe that it is already September now. It feels like I just throw away the last christmas tree out of our apartment a few weeks ago but now I realize it was 8 months ago and next christmas isn´t far away. The days becoming shorter and colder and in the supermarkets you can […]

Last mail of August

Exams are awful! I always feel overextented with preparing and on the one hand I can´t wait that it will be over but on the other hand I wish I would have more time for learning. Because of that I´m currently too busy with that stuff and haven´t got much time for writing letters but […]