Mail day

I managed to finsh two letters today and start a third one. First one to Cony in Mexico, another one to Tianne in Australia and last but not least a letter to Vanesa in Canada. I´m still behind with replying letters but I try my best to catch up soon.

I still have to write to Yenz in Brunei, Isabel in Brazil, Juli in Argentina and Pradeepa in India. I´m becoming more busy these days because I will have an exam at my university in October and still have to learn a lot of stuff. The time before exams is typically the moment where I realize that I wanted to read a specific non-fiction book, I should write another letter, the apartment is a bit too messy or I need to wash some clothes 😉

Today I found a very nice postcrossing card from Taiwan in my mailbox. I´m very happy about this card because my mailbox was almost everyday empty last time.


Outgoing mail:

some postcrossing cards


Letter to Cony


And the postcrossing card I received today:


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