Paper and….

…. a pen! To be exactly a new dark red Lamy fountain pen. When I was in school I always had to write with a fountain pen because the teachers wanted it this way. That was a problem for me because I´m left-handed and I have a very uncommon hand position while writing so using a fountain pen isn´t very comfortable for me. After finishing secondary school I never again wrote with such a pen but I ever liked the look of such “old style” letters. And now after many years using ball pens I bought a fountain pen and looking forward to write my next letter with it.

Isn´t it beautiful? They offered this pen in different colours but this red one is my favorite. It came with a blue ink cartridge but I think I will use black ink in the future.

Beside this nice fountain pen I bought a new letter set which is very very cute.

And last but not least the letter I sent to Gosia in Mexico


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