A few pieces of mail!

Sadly my mailbox is still empty almost everyday. Ok I always find any kind of advertisements or bills in it but really this is not what anybody would call nice mail. Nevertheless I have 5 replies to go so it isn´t the case that I have nothing to write but to be honest who doesn´t […]

Mail day

I managed to finsh two letters today and start a third one. First one to Cony in Mexico, another one to Tianne in Australia and last but not least a letter to Vanesa in Canada. I´m still behind with replying letters but I try my best to catch up soon. I still have to write […]


Today I decorated some more envelopes this time with water colours, deco tape and glitter glue.  I have a lot of learning stuff to do and because of that I always find other things which can´t wait to be finished like cleaning the apartment, cooking or making envelopes 😉 Yes my motivation problem until I […]

Crafty day

Today -like everyday- I was waiting for our mail woman but again there was no mail for me. Since some weeks my mailbox is often empty but nevertheless there is still a pile of letters I have to reply. Sadly I´m currently not in a writing mood so instead of answering letters I surf through […]

Paper and….

…. a pen! To be exactly a new dark red Lamy fountain pen. When I was in school I always had to write with a fountain pen because the teachers wanted it this way. That was a problem for me because I´m left-handed and I have a very uncommon hand position while writing so using […]

Hello World!

After reading lots of lovely blogs about penpalling and mail art I decided to start blogging too.  And here is the result! I know it isn´t perfect but it should mainly be a record of the mail I send and receive and some other stuff related to penpalling. You will see here lots of letters […]