New stamps!

Saturday I found my recent stamp order in my mailbox. I usually use the 0,55 € stamps for my letters and add 0,20 € stamps to fill up the international postage. Why I do this? Because the variation of 0,55 € stamps is much better than for the 0,75 € ones. From time to time I also use 0,45 € ones which are the stamps for postcards inside of Germany.

Since next month (January 2013) the postage for letters up to 20g in Germany will increase and so all new stamps are 0,58 € instead of 0,55 €. That means that I either have to use the 0,75 € and 0,45 € or I have to accept that I will pay 3 cent more for my letters as I have to do. Luckily the old stamps are still available in the online shop but the question is for how long. It looks like I will do another stamp order in January of 0,55 € stamps even though I still have enough of them.

And here is my beautiful order:

 0,25 € stamps


0,55 € stamps



0,45€ stamps


the whole order



Last days of 2012

My last post was quite a long time ago because christmas time kept me busy. I thought this year it would be a more relaxed and slow time but the opposite was the case.  Luckily I managed to have all christmas gifts ready early but then some unexpected things happened like the mold in our flat, problems with my car and a too high electricity bill and therefore trouble with our landlord because the whole electricity costs for the heating of the house can be found on our bill.
I would like to move houses but the rental agreement says that we have to live here until 2015.  So 3 further years to go.

Well, at least I managed to bake some cookies together with my parents and my boyfriend, to sent christmas cards and to visit a christmas market.

Here are some pictures of our baking marathon

DSCN1667 DSCN1657 DSCN1653

We finished baking at midnight and produced 6 boxes full of different cookies. This about my diet plans 😛 I think I will set up this as one of my new year goals. You now those goals you will never achieve because everytime there will be a reason why it is possible to do what you´ve planned.

And because I didn´t spend my whole free time with baking (and eating) I want to show you a bit of my mail of the last weeks. I couldn´t manage to take pictures of all pieces because I wrote so many christmas cards, sent packages and so on but here are a few pictures.

A letter I´ve sent to Kristen in the USA


A secret Santa package


And the secret Santa package I´ve received


And last but not least a bunch of incoming letters and a postcard


Mail update!

Incoming mail:

A letter from Kristen (USA) and a letter from Sherab (Bhutan)



Letters from Nikki (Scotland) and Tianne (Australia)



From Shereen (New Zealand)


Letters from Vanesa ( Canada) and Nicole (Switzerland)


A postcard from Mario (El Salvador)


And a christmas card from Tianne (Australia)



Outgoing mail

To Nikki (Scotland)


To Nicole (Switzerland)


To Cony (Mexico)


To Sayuri (Japan)

To Lindsay in England

To Ayaka (Japan)

La Sardina

Last time I read a lot about analog photography, especially about lomo cameras. I was excited about the cool pictures people took with those cameras which look very different to the photos that come out of the standard digital cameras. Of course a nice digital SLR camera is great and it is an advantage to see your result directly on the display if you want accurate photos. BUT I still remember the times where I went to the shop to buy films, chose between different ISO and the number of pictures, went to take pictures and bring the film back to the shop before after around one week I had the results in my hands. Of course sometimes I wasn´t very happy with the outcome because some pictures were blurry, underexposed or whatever but nevertheless it was fun.

So maybe my decision to buy a lomo camera was mainly based on a piece of nostalgia but also out of curiosity. Well, I found my way to the lomography internet shop and browsed through the different categories. It was first really hard to decide for a specific camera because I hadn´t got any experiences with lomography but finanlly I decided for a La Sardina camera.  To be exactly the La Sardina Cubic. I just love the design!


Currently I use an ISO 200 film and I already have taken a few pictures. Until now only my dog had to serve as my photo model but I hope this weekend I will have the chance to go outside and take some more pictures.

I hope I can show some of the pictures here soon.


4 things!

Because I think it is a great idea I will join the “4 things” too.




So here are my goals for the week:

– write a least one letter

– start and finish the next chapter of my course material

– get exercise

– send the package to my friend


October mail

Yes, I know my last post was some weeks ago and I really have to go on with posting on this blog. I started working in my new job and still need to get used to stand up early again after some months at home.  It´s hard to leave my comfortable bed early in the morning to go to work especially because these days are pretty cold and rainy. I don´t like winter so much. Too cold, too wet and too dark.

To brighten up this winter day I will first show you some of my incoming and outgoing mail


A letter to Lucrezia in Italy



A letter to Tianne in Australia



And a letter to Ticka in Indonesia



I received a letter from Ayaka in Japan


A few weeks ago I went to the book fair in Frankfurt. I always wanted to visit a book fair because I just love reading books and of course buying books. It was quite interesting to have a look around there but it was pretty full and in my opinion the book fair is more interesting for book sellers and authors than for simple reading addicted people.

Nevertheless I got some interesting info material and I bought two books.




Rats and mail

Last weekend I got some new flatmates. My boyfriend went to the animal shelter on Saturday which was around 250 km away and came home with my 4 sweeties.

Nelly is an about 5 months old black hooded female. Somebody brought her and her 9 babies to the animal shelter in early September. I think she is a bit too young to cope with the babies and so she seems stressed. But we´ll see.

Her babies are agouti berkshire and 8 weeks old (born on 28.8.2012). The 3 are a bit shy but nevertheless really sweet. It was  a difficult to take a picture because they are very fast but yesterday I had luck 🙂

Because of the pelt colour it seems to be possible that the babies are HaWi´s (half wild). Maybe the father was a wild rat but nobody knows.By the way, I need names for the 3. Any ideas?


After some weeks without any good mail I received a couple of nice letters in the last days.

From Nikki in Scotland

From Nicole in Switzerland

From Lindsay in England

From Cony in Mexico

From Sayuri in Japan

Some postcrossing postcards

Last but not least the letter I´ve sent to Jeronimo in Mexico

Letters on their way to….

Pradee in India


Paula in Spain


and to Lindsay in England



Finally I could manage to write some more letters. I´m still busy but I didn´t want to let my penpals wait too long for my replies. Now I have 4 letters to go and hope I can start the next answer tomorrow.

Besides writing I made two new mail art envelopes yesterday. They are made out of candy wrappings and deco tapes.


A mail week

Today I realized that I have a new mailwoman or maybe my usual mailwoman is on vacation. I hope that doesn´t mean that I will have problems with my mail again. Until a few months ago I received often damaged letters and postcards. Really annoying! I talked with my mailwoman about that and until now my mail reached me almost everytime safe. We´ll see if that will be the case in the future too.

This week I was a bit more lucky and found some nice letters and postcards in my mailbox.


The postcard on the left side is a tag from Malaysia. From time to time I join tags in the forum and always receive nice cards 🙂 On the right hand side you can see a postcard from my dear Sayuri. She sent me this card to tell me that she is busy and needs a bit longer to reply my letter.


A lovely letter from Ticka in Indonesia


She wrote me a long letter and included postcards, a bookmark and flags of her country 🙂


A nice letter from Lucrezia in Italy 🙂

And last but not least a letter from Jeronimo in Mexico

He sent me Spanish language booklets, an overview about the Mexican states and some maps with his letter

Postcards go green

My mailbox is still a bit grumpy because the period of less mail continues and now the weather changed to lower temperatures and lots of rain so that my poor mailbox becomes wet.
So today I decided to send some postcrossing cards and hope  some nice postcards will reach me in return soon. The bad mood of my mailbox is just annoying.

Here are the postcards I´ve sent to the USA, Russia, Japan and Netherlands. By the way I realized that the green carpet in our living room is a great background for pictures of my mail, don´t you think?

Beside the postcards I answered a few letters and my pile of letters is shrinking. Only 4 letters to go! I hope I can start to reply another one today because I don´t like to let my penpals waiting too long.

I wrote a letter to Ayaka in Japan

and another one to Sherab in Bhutan

Last but not least I received to postcrossing postcards. One from the USA which shows a nice view of the area around the Rocky mountains

and a postcard from Brazil